About Weedy Acres Homestead

Welcome to my home. I hope you will enjoy the journey.
My grandparents built my house in 1944. My mom grew up here with her brother, Larry. I grew up just two miles from here. My two sisters and I spent Sunday afternoons at Grandmom's, playing along the railroad tracks, pretending to be hobos. It was the 60's. Then 1986, when my grandpop died, I took over the small working farm. I came to the farm from NYC nearly every weekend. Then, in 2000-01, I made the move. Technology made that possible.  

While still in NYC, I was asked by one of the publishers I worked with the farm's name. It was mid-August, and since the farm never had a name, I could picture the yard work that needed to be done, so I jokingly said, Weedy Acres. He laughed with pleasure, "I Love It," so it has been Weedy Acres ever since. So, there is a reason not to pull every weed! Not that I ever could, anyway.

Now, after so many years of an entire farm experience with animals, over 300 at one time, I am in a downsizing mode and growing older in place. The critter numbers are way down, but the garden production is up. I can't travel with my food, but I eat what I grow here at Weedy Acres.

I started the YouTube Channel to document the years ahead, and I hope you will join me on the journey. There is never a dull moment!