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How long have you lived in New Jersey?
I was born in New Jersey. I left two weeks after graduating high school. I moved back to NJ in 2000-01 to live full-time at WeedyAcres. A long time!

Do you do all the work yourself?
When my dad was living, he would help. I do most of it myself with occasional help.

Who takes care of the farm when you are away?
For many years, it was my dad. Now a friend who lives very nearby comes over. We were in 4-H together and school. It's been perfect.

What types of veggies do you grow?
I grow everything I enjoy eating. I try different things occasionally, but I don't waste time on veggies I don't care for.

What is your goats name?


Are you open to the public?
No, not right now. It is a possibility at some point.

How can I buy one of your photos?
Thank you. I have a shopping page that goes to a service. If you don't see what you want, I can upload a new image or send me a message.shop.htm.

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