The Garden
Around Weedy Acres
There are never enough hours in a day. I try, but it seems always to be ahead of me.
November Vlog.
Window Greenhouse
The best project ever added to the garden.
I eat what I grow. I am a vegetarian. So all the produce must be preserved for winter.
Rhubarb Apple Sauce Vlog.
Weedy Acres and Rachel Cobb Photography
The Sunroom and Plant Collections
This is where the plant collections live all winter.
Coming Soon.
I have had my share and yours. My animals have nearly all been rescued. I did buy chickens. Petunia Vlog, a must see!
Weedy Acres and Rachel Cobb Photography
I prefer a different time of year, but it does give me time to catch up on projects.
Coming soon. Watch my Christmas Vlog.
Weedy Acres and Rachel Cobb Photography
Busy Busy. Exciting to get going in the garden.
See my vlog. More coming soon.
It goes too fast! I need help to keep up.
More coming.
Still a busy garden, I wait for frost to take care of the overgrowth I ran out of time for.
Fall Vlog.

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