I have been collecting iris for so many years. It is one of those easy to travel with, and they love it here in NJ. I made a big purchase at the San Diego Iris Society's annual sale about four years ago. I bought a lot.
Lilium is a genus of herbaceous. Different from Daylilies.
Each bloom continues for a few days, depending on the weather. The colors are unique.
Spring Bloom
I have so many spring bulbs, too many to count. They are all over the property! 
I eat what I grow and try to buy very few groceries. I only grow what I like. 
They never bloom long enough! One day. But, the established plants have many blooms.

Weedy Acres and Rachel Cobb Photography
Part of my growing is what I eat and just for the beautiful smells in the garden. It's also great for pollinators. More coming soon.
This and That - Perennials
I have so many plants, all kinds. There is never enough time to share them all.
Weedy Acres and Rachel Cobb Photography
House Plants/Collections
My house plants are pure joy in winter—lots of green year-round. I love the more unusual plants. Take a look. Coming Soon.
Weedy Acres and Rachel Cobb Photography
One person's weed is another's treasure. I love dandelions! It's not a weed, but most consider it a weed. Coming Soon.
Weedy Acres and Rachel Cobb Photography

Trees / Shrubs
I can't leave out my trees and shrubs; I have many. I have tried to push the limits, and I have many from other areas where my zone 7a is borderline. Coming Soon.

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